Penguin March

  • $38.00

Fess Parker Family Reserve
2012 Red Wine

Penguin March features Lucky the Penguin who was designed a special boot for his deformed foot by the Decker’s Corporation who came to the rescue for an otherwise fatal deformity.

Made with 100% wine with black and white watercolor accents

Each wine is different and oxidizes at a different pace. Each painting is photographed after the painting is complete to capture their true colors before they start changing. A painting will continue to change colors over time as it continues to oxidize, this makes it a living & breathing piece of art. 

A wide range of colors can be extracted from wine depending on the processing or painting methods used. Either straight from the bottle, fermented in a container or evaporated sludge from an open container, wine painting can be very complex or very simple. 

Watch paintings come to life on video:
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