Danielle Renee Art

Recently inspired by Santa Barbara County’s bountiful wine region, passionate wine makers and fellow local wine painter Christina LoCascio Larner, Danielle wanted to test her painting skills with this new yet ancient medium, wine. Having nearly tested all art mediums throughout her life this seemed as an obvious one but yet very unexpected and even more intriguing.  

Danielle has always loved animals with a particular curiosity for cephalopods and came across an image of an octopus hatchling which looked exactly like wine hues. Queue the light bulb moment.. and her first wine painting, Octopus Hatchling, was created using Lincourt Wine’s Pinot Noir with a little help of watercolor pigments for the extreme hues. Shortly afterwards more paintings followed suit all inspired by animals, some of which are local residents at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Her Penguin March features Lucky the Penguin who was designed a special boot for his deformed foot by the Decker’s Corporation who came to the rescue for an otherwise fatal deformity.

Danielle is a self-taught photographer who draws inspiration from nature and surrounding environments. With a formal fine art and digital art & animation background from Santa Barbara City College, she pursued the tv industry at a very young age and thrived in marketing and promotions as head of the creative department at Ovation TV, one of the fastest growing tv networks in history, and appropriately, an independent arts network. There she earned several BDA Promax awards and proudly earned an International Telly Award in 2013 for a documentary series on a group of local artists in Detroit who are dedicated to restoring their city.