Danielle's artistic journey began amidst the beauty of nature and the vibrant landscapes that surrounded her. With a foundation in both fine art and digital art & animation acquired at Santa Barbara City College, she embarked on a dynamic career path in the television industry from a young age.

Ascending the ranks, Danielle honed her skills in marketing and promotions, eventually serving as the Director of the Creative Department at Ovation TV, a groundbreaking independent arts network. Her contributions were recognized with multiple prestigious awards, including BDA Promax and an International Telly Award, solidifying her reputation as a talented marketing professional.

Transitioning from the bustling city of Los Angeles to the serene landscapes of Santa Barbara, Danielle pursued her passion for fine art on a full-time basis. Today, she channels her creativity into her artistry, offering a range of retail items available at the Santa Barbara Visitor Center on State Street, where her work continues to captivate and inspire.


Inspired by the lush vineyards of Santa Barbara County and fueled by a deep admiration for the artistry of winemaking, Danielle has embarked on a unique creative journey. Exploring the ancient technique of painting with wine pigments, she marries tradition with innovation in her artistic expression.

Having delved into various art forms throughout her lifetime, Danielle found herself drawn to this unexpected medium, captivated by its rich history and endless possibilities. Today, she channels her passion into hosting painting parties nationwide, where participants discover the art of using wine alongside traditional paints like acrylic and watercolor.

Each wine bottle, with its distinctive hues and aging process, becomes a canvas imbued with the essence of time and craftsmanship. Danielle meticulously photographs each completed piece, preserving its true colors before they evolve with the passage of time. As the paintings continue to oxidize, they take on new shades, transforming into living, breathing works of art.

From the vibrant tones extracted straight from the bottle to the nuanced hues derived from fermented or evaporated wine, Danielle explores the complexities of wine painting with both finesse and simplicity. Through her art, she invites others to experience the beauty and versatility of this ancient yet ever-evolving medium.