Giraffe Portrait

Giraffe Portrait

  • $38.00

Fess Parker

Family Reserve 2012 Red Wine

Painted around the same time as Flamingle and with the same glass of wine, this little guy was also inspired by the babies at Santa Barbara Zoo. As the wine continued to age and oxidize I noticed the wine darkening and separating into layers. The darker reds down the nose are the bottom layers of the wine.

Made with 100% wine with black and white watercolor accents

Each wine is different and oxidizes at a different pace. Each painting is photographed after the painting is complete to capture their true colors before they start changing. A painting will continue to change colors over time as it continues to oxidize, this makes it a living & breathing piece of art. 

A wide range of colors can be extracted from wine depending on the processing or painting methods used. Either straight from the bottle, fermented in a container or evaporated sludge from an open container, wine painting can be very complex or very simple. 

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