Wine Soaked Pelican

Wine Soaked Pelican

  • $225.00

J. Wilkes Winery - Aged Petite Sirah
Purple Watercolor
Vinegar Mix

-Original Painting Available-

Painted with aged wine and wine sediment during a rain storm in Santa Barbara, influenced this Wine Soaked Pelican to come to life. A vinegar & steel wool mixture was added which reacts to wine and turns dark brown or black when layered together. The light brown areas is the vinegar without wine. 

Made with wine, watercolor, vinegar and ink

Each wine is different and oxidizes at a different pace. Each painting is photographed after the painting is complete to capture their true colors before they start changing. A painting will continue to change colors over time as it continues to oxidize, this makes it a living & breathing piece of art. 

A wide range of colors can be extracted from wine depending on the processing or painting methods used. Either straight from the bottle, fermented in a container or evaporated sludge from an open container, wine painting can be very complex or very simple. 

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